Friday, March 1, 2024

PlayStation 5 or Xbox? These numbers show which console is already more popular

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A few days ago, Sony launched the PlayStation 5. Microsoft was a little earlier with the Xboy Series X. However, both consoles will probably be available at the same time. A few numbers now show which of the two consoles is more popular.

While Microsoft already presented the Xbox Series X in mid-March, Sony took around three months more. Only in mid-June did the Japanese show their PlayStation 5. Both models are very striking – at least in terms of design. While the PS5 wants to convince with a bright and futuristic look, the Xbox is rather simple and tries to lure gamers to the dark side with a straightforward design.

Both consoles will only appear in a few months. However, many people are already thinking about whether they should go for the PS5 or the Xbox at Christmas. Two exciting numbers show how popular PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are at the moment.


Both Microsoft and Sony have produced impressive trailers for their consoles and uploaded them to YouTube. To date, the Xbox teaser video has seen around 12.85 million people. The PlayStation 5 trailer, on the other hand, has seen 24.25 million people in the past five days – almost twice as many. An even clearer picture emerges from the comments below the videos: The Xbox teaser has so far been commented on by 31,000 viewers, while the PS5 video has been commented on by 122,000. In addition: As mentioned at the beginning, the Xbox had three months more to collect views on YouTube.

One should wait to see how both consoles will ultimately sell. The views on YouTube provide an indication of this. If you also look at the sales figures for the PS4 and Xbox One, both of which were launched in 2013, this thesis is supported. To date, Microsoft has brought a little more than 43 million Xbox One units to gamers. Sony, on the other hand, sold over 110 million PlayStation 4.


But either way. In the end, it is less the design of the console or a more impressive trailer that determines the success of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Rather, it will be about the games and exclusive titles available. And how expensive they will be. Because whether PS5 or Xbox ultimately cost 500 or 600 euros: Over time, for gamers, it makes a significantly larger difference whether game developers charge 70 or 90 euros for a single game.

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