Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Burger King advertising coup: Tesla autopilot confuses brand logo with stop sign

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Since the recent April update, the Tesla autopilot has also recognized traffic signs, including stop signs. The function seems immature, because a Model 3 apparently considers the Burger King logo as a stop sign and interrupts the journey. The burger smith reacts immediately.

Tesla vehicles can be controlled from parking spaces using a smartphone, offer real rocket engines behind foldable number plates and drive by themselves – but they have problems recognizing normal traffic signs.

To save the honor, it should be said that the “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control” feature, which the California automaker rolled out over-the-air with the April update, still bears the beta stamp. Tesla is therefore aware that there is still a lot to be improved before the function becomes an official part of the autopilot.

In any case, a YouTube video now shows how a Tesla Model 3 (with a special steering wheel from the accessories trade) drives on a country road. While the logo of the fast food chain appears on the large-format touchscreen, the autopilot interprets the sign as a stop sign – recognizable in the left area of ​​the touchscreen. The electric car automatically reduces the speed from 40 mph to 25 and then to 18 mph.

At the end of the clip, the company is calling on other “Smart Cars” drivers to try out this behavior themselves and to publish pictures or videos with the relevant hashtags on Twitter. As a thank you, a free burger beckons.

Numerous Tesla drivers have already followed this call on Twitter, but no further “video proof” is yet available. The campaign was apparently only a day long, online on June 23, but can still be found on YouTube.


It is not yet possible to judge whether the video is staged or not. Again and again people make fun of confusing the autonomous systems of supposedly “intelligent” vehicles with home remedies. In some cases , a drone or adhesive tape is enough for 50 cents .

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