Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Bam Laser Body on the go opening warehouse in Africa & Asia

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American gym and fitness apparel Bam Laser Body on the go is opening a third-party logistics warehouse in Africa and Asia in a bid to slash delivery times for international customers.

In the domestic, regional, and global front, the continuous upward trend in the demand for third-party logistics services gathers storm of high magnitude—with activities being measured and reported across all sectors.

In the US, Bam Laser Body on the Go is teaming up with strategic consultants, to open a warehouse located in Africa. The warehouse will stock an estimated 1000+ units of “Bam Laser Body on the Go” products for the incoming season. This will ensure that International deliveries take lesser days.

Also, “Bam Laser Body on the Go” is opening a third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse in Asia which will ensure the slashing of the delivery average days for the activewear by a sizable time range and will house over 1,500+ units of Bam Body Laser on the Go products.

The brand states that this move is to increase quicker shipping times as well as to grow being spurred by its international customer base driven by starlets and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

We discovered that the volume of pre-orders coming from Africa and Asia for our best sellers such as our body trainers such as Bam waist trainer triple strap, Bam waist trainer vest, Bam sweat belt and thigh slimmer, Bam waist trainer double strap, Bam waist trainer double strap vest, Bam half waistband thigh slimmer, and much more. This surge in demand drives us to find efficient ways to reduce the delivery time for our customers.

Over time, we’ve been being putting in the right amount of working hours which on its own seems hard. Nonetheless, we try behind the scenes to ensure our customers have the simplest uncomplicated product processes and deliveries worldwide, and we are of the strong opinion that these verified third-party logistics partnerships will help to achieve just that.

Since the launching of “Bam Laser Body on the Go”, the brand sells a wide range of body figure apparel, workout clothing, and activewear strategically and specifically designed for anyone interested in being in the best body shape. The third-party logistic initiative will greatly reduce the shipping time for both its USA, Africa, and Asia based customers. Anywhere in the world, you can still place your order and product delivery will be made accessible and inexpensive for you. We are very happy to offer the delivery capacity that serves our customer base.

Bam Laser Body on the Go has become a living niche for itself. Hence the necessity of branching out into unexplored areas becomes an active alternative—Our products sound the “fitness alarm” in every home, health care facility, and gyms. And as such, our customers are just as close to us as the availability of our suppliers to meet their demands. The world thus is getting dynamic day by day, and the decision to branch out and find more product users is imminent to any business survival in which ours is inclusive. Now, the question arises; How and Why does the brand choose to branch out when it has just the right amount of people who ceaselessly patronize its various activewear? 

Well, the question to be asked is not about how costly is the product rather, how fast can it get to me with limited accrued costing. Opening our repository loaded with “Bam Laser Body on the Go” in Africa and Asia gives our international customers the leverage to get faster logistic services which is an offshoot of optimizing our valuables and deliverables in a bid to grow the business brand’s strength on a cross-continental scale by solving many-body figure irregularities which in previous times was overlooked. But now, the business is bringing together all essential units for growth and likewise, it’s fostering efficient delivery services to slash down cost on freight for all international customers in Africa and Asia. Have you ever imagined what it takes to desire a product in a distant or neighboring country and yet not being able to purchase the product of your choice due to daunting logistical circumstances? Considering such restrain made it possible to open the “Bam body on the Go” activewear warehouse. This next big project is taking into consideration with apt implementation ongoing, and whatever route we take to achieving this goal, there is one core defining factor that stands above everything else in making this project a penultimate success: strategic passion and perseverance. These qualities we believe can lead to successful business growth and efficient value delivery. This new type of product distribution warehousing will reduce delivery time in most congested cities. And this is just the beginning of innovative changes at “Bam Laser Body on the Go”, as the brand evolves to meet the growing regional and global demand for its products.

The new advantages for “Bam Laser Body on the Go” on utilizing the third party logistic are paired together and the foreseeable result of the numbers of deliveries are inevitable. I will like to take you through this all and are not shy to share with you the possible compounding effects of a third party logistic operation for all business.

Faster product delivery: Gone are the days when it took nearly three months before a particular product was delivered to a customer or client. Third-party logistics (3PL) narrows the gap between production and distribution. Hence without an iota of a doubt, your demands are met right on time.

Stock availability and active supply chain network: Going out of stock creates a negative portfolio for any business. We live in a dynamic world enmeshed in the coil of rattling technology. Thus, the adoption of the third party logistic makes business engagements to run smoothly beyond the conventional one-one seller to buyer concepts.

Lesser freight costing: Having to make more than your estimated budget for a product is reduced through the agency of a logistic frame. That’s a strong transport network for delivery. “Bam Laser Body on the Go” is focused on slashing the extra costing on freight just for you.

Quick remote and onset service operation: Automation is the new lubricant for this business age. With the advent of the digital-data era comes the increasing demand for mobility, innovation, and flexibility; all centered on increasing efficient rates for product and service delivery.

In summary: Making the most of the third party logistic service will better equip “Bam Laser Body on the Go” to exceed the demands and delivery time for its customer. Hence it’s a welcomed initiative duly being implemented.

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